Interactive Systems is an authorized dealer of HP computers.

HP is a leading global provider of computing and imaging solutions and services. HP is focused on making technology and its benefits accessible to individuals and businesses through simple appliances, useful e-services and an Internet infrastructure that's always on.


We can also set up your desktop to your specifications and install any additional user software you require at our in-shop labor rates. Due to pricing volatility in the computer market, prices often change. Please call 707-425-7100 or e-mail us for current pricing information.


Spend Smart

  • According to Wipro Technologies, Yearly Support cost for a PC rises by up to 50% from year 3 to 4.
  • A new HP desktop can consume up to 55% less Electricity than an older desktop!

Do More!

  • A new HP desktop with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and Windows 7 Pro can run nearly three times faster than your old PC.
  • A new HP can boot up 55% faster!

Be More Secure

  • Complete tasks faster while running background security scans with newer Intel processors
  • Many new HP PCs have built-in technologies, such as "HP Project Tools" to improve security.

Order your new desktop PC today with Interactive Systems!