Has your computer not been performing as fast as it should? Do you have sensitive information stored on your system? Computer security involves protecting that information and preserving performance by preventing, detecting, and responding to attacks.

Interactive Systems provides the latest and most secure software and hardware solutions to help protect your computer from malicious software and data theft. With our team of certified specialists, we can analyze your system and determine the best combination for the most efficient security.

Phishing E-Mails

Millions of E-Mails are sent between users every day. Hackers have discovered they can use E-Mail technologies to obtain a user's personal information with little to no effort. These "phishing" E-Mails contact you as a company you do business with, claiming there has been an error with their system or detection of fraudulent activity, and ask the user to update their personal information for security. The links in these E-Mails direct the consumer to a fake website, designed exactly like the original company's, asking you to fill out their form with sensitive information.


In a recent study by Trusteer, 45% of their 3 million test subjects submitted their personal information to an unverified website.


With Interactive Systems' E-Mail protection, you'll be able to recognize these E-Mails much easier and help safeguard your identity. 




Viruses and Malware

Viruses and Malware are programs designed to create an annoyance for personal computer users while at the same time harvesting personal information. These programs can also disguise themselves as security software attempting to help you.

Interactive Systems recommends VIPRE anti-virus/anti-spyware installed and configured by our certified professionals for all of your security needs.