At Interactive Systems we offer the latest and most advanced office equipment, that's why we use HP products. HP has the hardware you need to run the software that makes your business go. When you upgrade your office to a 3CX VoIP Phone System you know you'll have the reliability of HP products backing you up.

HP is the number one server manufacturer

The power of HP ProLiant
Unleash the power of HP's ProLiant servers in your office! The ProLiant server line has new and innovative technology to keep your workplace on the cutting edge of information technology; With warranty options and easy access to upgrades your office network will always be up to date. HP servers that we install come with redundant hardware to prevent your company from losing business due to any kind of failure. With Interactive Systems technicians available to you 24/7 your network has never been more secure, more reliable, and in better hands.

Get the VoIP server that fits your needs
Every office is different and every businesses needs are different, don't pay for more technology than you need. Technicians are standing by to build and design the network server that fits your specific needs at a price that fits your budget. It is our goal to create a VoIP server to the exact specifications required by your phone system.

HP has your small business solution!
We are proud to present HP's Generation 8 ProLiant MicroServers. A compact server that contains the raw processing power and storage for your small business needs in a small package. With the flexibility of adding hardware or keeping it baseline this small server can be made to your exact requirements. HP has your small business solutions at a small business price!