Interactive Systems is more than a 3CX vendor, our technicians are certified by the 3CX developers to handle their software. Not only are our technicians certified but Interactive Systems itself is a certified partner with 3CX.

3CX Certified Company

Certified engineers program
Interactive Systems technicians are trained and certified by 3CX. Our Techs have completed their courses and received certificates which are displayed proudly on our walls to show our clients we are more than a vendor; We are trained and well practiced in our field.

Certified partner program

Interactive Systems has a certified partnership with 3CX. Their support  teams and engineers are at our disposal to see to any problems or anomalous errors that might occur. As a certified partner we do more than just sell you this product, our technicians are here to instruct your employees in it's use and how to take advantage of it's vast features. We are here to support your business to our fullest ability. We are here for you, that is the quality of service that our company stands on.

Design and Installation

Custom designs for your office
The technicians from Interactive Systems have designed custom VoIP systems for businesses around Solano County from a four office operation to a large warehouse. After an interview and a site survey we determine your wants and needs. Armed with a floor plan and our notes we create the Phone System that connects every facet of your office that you need access to at the push of a few buttons. We are here to create the system to fit all of your needs.

Experienced and expedient installation
Interactive Systems technicians have hands on experience installing cabling, network racks, and servers into new and existing businesses. Tired of cable through office floor and messy wall obstructions? Techs from IS are experts at running discreet cable lines through your walls or ceilings without obstructing or permanently damaging your property. Our installations are streamlined into your current network and office areas cleanly keeping your work areas uncluttered and your office space organized.